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Application for a Student Bursary

  • The maximum bursary available for a Focused Meeting or Annual Symposium is £200 in the UK and £300 overseas. For an Independent Meeting sponsored by the Society the maximum bursary available is £100. The maximum bursary available for one day Hot Topic Events is £100 in the UK and £150 overseas. Please note that Student Bursaries are not available for Workshops, Careers Events and Young Life Scientist's Symposia.
  • The normal registration for Society main Focused Meetings should be completed and submitted with the bursary application.
  • Subject to approval, applicants will receive a bank transfer of the appropriate amount of funds after the meeting. Payment of funds will be initiated within three weeks after the last day of the meeting. Please note that overseas payments might take longer to reach the recipient's account.
  •   You may apply for a bursary at the registration desk, or up to 4 weeks after the meeting (as long as funds for the particular meeting are still available).
  • Applications are welcome from poster abstract authors who are Student Members of the Biochemical Society.
  • Membership applications for new members must be received by the date of the abstract deadline of the meeting for which an application is being claimed.
  • There is no requirement for poster abstract submission for Independent Meeting Student Bursary applications.
  • Students may only claim one grant in each year.

    NB: You will be required to submit your supervisors email address. The Society will contact your supervisor in order for them to confirm your eligibility for a bursary.


Online application for a Student Bursary

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*Post held:
What year you are in (for postgrad. res. students):
Other post held:
*List your qualifications- date and where obtained:
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*Third qualification:
Referee's contact details
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*Surname/family name:
*Meeting title:
*Accommodation cost £:
*Registration fee £:
*Travel from:
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*Total claim:
Payment information
For UK and foreign bank transfers: Account holder name:
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