Biochemical Society – Terms of Reference: Conferences Committee


The Council of Trustees has resolved to establish a Sub-Committee of the Council of Trustees to be known as the Conferences Committee.


  • To organize a programme of Scientific Meetings for the Society as agreed by the Council of Trustees from time to time. These may include Harden Conferences, Annual Symposia and Focused Meetings.
  • To prioritise proposals from Theme Panels, members of the Board and the membership of the Society.
  • To review the membership, interdisciplinary cohesion and composition (eg. gender, age, breadth of expertise and academic/industrial balance) of the Theme Panels.
  • To propose an annual meetings budget for approval by the Council of Trustees.
  • To work with the Honorary Editor of Biochemical Society Transactions to maximise the availability of high quality papers for the journal.
  • To work with other societies, both nationally and internationally, to enhance the value of meetings of the Society.


  • The Chair of the Conferences Committee shall be the Honorary Meetings Secretary of the Society, elected by the membership of the Society for a 5-year term of office. Other members of the Meetings Board shall comprise:
  • Chairs of the three Theme Panels
  • Two Members appointed by the Council of Trustees,
  • One representative from industry,
  • One student/early career researcher representative
  • A quorum shall be 4 members.

Attendance at meetings

  • The Head of Conferences and Events, together with other representatives from the Conference Office and the Finance and Editorial sections shall attend meetings of the Conferences Committee as observers, other senior staff may attend as required.

Frequency of meetings

  • The Conferences Committee will meet at least three times per annum. The Chairperson of the Conferences Committee may convene additional meetings as s/he deems necessary.

Reporting procedures

  • The Conferences Committee reports to the Council of Trustees through its Chairperson. Minutes of its meetings will be circulated by the Head of Conferences and Events.