Key words – DNA synthesis, repair, recombination and replication; RNA transcription, processing, translation, localisation and stability; genomics; chromosomes structure and dynamics; non-coding RNA; nucleic acid binding proteins; mutation; gene expression; epigenetics

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Chair: Catherine Jopling

University of Nottingham, UK

Keywords: RNA, microRNA, hepatitis C virus, translation, long noncoding RNA


Emma Hargreaves

University of Kent, UK 

Keywords: translation, elongation, mRNA, gene expression, biotechnology, recombinant protein production


Josana Rodriguez

Newcastle University

Keywords: Developmental biology, cell polarity, asymmetric cell division, cytoskeletal organisation, protein targeting


Garry Scarlett

University of Portsmouth, UK

Keywords: nucleic acid-protein interactions; nucleic acid structure; transcriptional regulation; ancient DNA


Julie Aspden

University of Leeds, UK

Keywords: mRNA translation, ribosomes, ribosome profiling, lncRNAs, RNA-protein complexes, spermatogenesis, Drosophila melanogaster


Robbie Baldock

University of Gloucestershire, UK

Keywords: DNA repair, DNA replication, mitochondrial function, protein-protein interactions and post-translational modifications.


Eva Petermann

University of Birmingham, UK

Keywords: DNA replication, DNA damage response, DNA repair, homologous recombination, transcription-replication conflicts


Charalampos (Babis) Rallis

University of Essex, UK

Keywords: Cellular ageing and fitness, quiescence, phenomics, genome-wide genetic interactions, transcriptional networks, protein translation.


Neville Gilhooly

University of Birmingham

Keywords: DNA Replication, DNA repair, Single-molecule imaging, Xenopus extracts, Biochemical reconstitution


Krzysztof B. Wicher

Macomics, UK

Keywords: drug discovery, cancer, immunology, signalling, bioinformatics, protein engineering, RNA, neurobiology

Lakxmi Subramanian
Queen Mary University of London Keywords: centromere, kinetochore, chromosome segregation, chromatin, telomere, DNA damage, DNA repair Website