Molecular Structure & Function

Key words – 
Nucleic acids, proteins, membranes, lipids, lipoproteins, molecular modelling of mechanisms, enzymes, rational drug design, carbohydrates, molecular interactions

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Chair: Rivka Isaacson

King’s College London, UK

Keywords: macromolecular structure, NMR, X-ray crystallography, protein-protein interactions, membrane protein insertion. 


Stephen Muench

University of Leeds, UK

Keywords – Structural biology, electron microscopy, membrane proteins, structure based drug design and time-resolved methodologies.


Alice Rothnie

Aston University, UK 

Keywords: Membrane proteins, SMALPs, ABC transporters, molecular mechanism


Elizabeth Fullam

University of Warwick, UK

Keywords: molecular mechanisms, protein structure and function, protein-ligand interactions, tuberculosis


Astex Pharmaceuticals, UK

Keywords: X-ray crystallography, protein structure, protein expression and purification, Biophysical characterisation, structure based drug design


Stephen Graham

University of Cambridge, UK

Keywords: Macromolecular crystallography, Biophysics, Virology, Virus:Host interactions, Membrane trafficking, Protein biochemistry


Oliver Castell

Cardiff University

Keywords: Membranes, Single Molecule Imaging, Biophysics, Artificial Bilayers, Membrane Proteins, Quantitative Sigle Molecule Imaging, Microfluidics


Samantha Miller

University of Aberdeen

Keywords: TBA