2nd UK Workshop on Membrane proteins: solubilisation and biophysical characterisation

This three-day training event for early career researchers focussed on the function on biological membranes and on the biophysical techniques available to study their components in the context of biology and biotechnology. The event comprised lectures, computer and laboratory-based practical sessions. Participants left the event with new knowledge and protocols that will allow them to use biophysical techniques for studying components of biological membranes in their research.

Topics included:

  • Solubilisation, purification of lipid nanoparticles (SMALPs)
  • Structural elucidations, cryo-EM & crystallography
  • Spectroscopy of membranes and membrane proteins, circular dichroism & EPR
  • Modelling membranes and membrane proteins
  • Validation of membrane protein structures
  • Lipidomics and membrane protein mass spectroscopy
  • Single-molecular and single-enzyme studies of membrane proteins


Apr 03 2019 - Apr 05 2019


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