5th European Workshop on AMPK and AMPK-related kinases

AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) is the downstream component of a protein kinase cascade that plays a central role in cellular and tissue homeostasis. AMPK acts as a metabolic sensor, regulating energy metabolism, protein synthesis, proliferation and differentiation, autophagy and apoptosis. As a consequence, AMPK is a therapeutic target for metabolic diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes and certain forms of cancer. More recently, it has become apparent that targeting AMPK has therapeutic potential in neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases. AMPK is a part of a family of AMPK-related kinases that are also attracting significant interest for their roles in multiple cellular processes. This meeting is the 5th in a biennial series of European meetings that have previously been held in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Importantly, these meetings prioritise the provision of opportunities for early career and junior researchers to present and discuss their data.


Sep 27 2022 - Sep 29 2022


All of the day


Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Glasgow
Biochemical Society


Biochemical Society
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