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Intrinsically disordered proteins

26—27 March 2012

University of York, UK

P001 The role of intrinsic disorder in Remorin AtREM1.3
Macarena Marin, Veronika Thallmair, Thomas Ott
P002 CP12: an IDP that "conducts" two key enzymes of the Calvin cycle
Brigitte Gontero, Luisana Avilan, Carine Puppo
P003 Genome-wide analysis of protein disorder in A. thaliana. Implications for plasticity and adaptability
Natalia Pietrosemoli, Juan A. García-Martín, Florencio Pazos, Roberto Solano
P004 The function of plant IDPs (LEA proteins) in stabilizing enzymes during desiccation goes beyond an anti-aggregation activity
Dirk K Hincha, Michaela Hundertmark, Antoaneta V Popova
P005 Modulation of amyloid assembly and structure by glycosaminoglycans
Maya Pandya, Madine, Matthew R Hicks, Alison Rodger, Yates, Middleton, Sheena E Radford
P006 The impact of small molecule binding on the energy landscape of the c-Myc oncoprotein
Julien Michel
P007 Order and disorder in the ParB partitioning protein, KorB, and its complexes with DNA and with the repressor KorA
Eva I Hyde, Scott A White, Karthik V Rajasekar, Andrew L Lovering, Sarah A Harris, Jeremy R Tame, Philip Callow, Christopher M Thomas, David J Scott
P008 Native disorder mediates binding of dynein to NudE and dynactin
Elisar Barbar, Afua Nyarko, Jessica Morgan, Yujuan Song
P009 NMR experimental data to characterize residue specific structural propensity in intrinsically disordered proteins
Kamil Tamiola, Burçin Acar, Renee Otten, Kathleen Wood, Frans A Mulder
P010 Intrinsic disorder in proteins: a challenge for UNstructural biology met by ion mobility mass spectrometry
Ewa Jurneczko, Faye Cruikshank, Penka V Nikolova, Mike Morris, Iain Campuzano, Perdita Barran
P011 Conformational transition and flexibility of IDPs as viewed by site-directed spin labeling EPR spectroscopy
Marlène Marthino, Magali Lorenzi, Guillaume Gerbaud, Elisabetta Mileo, Johnny Habchi, Sonia Longhi, Léa Sylvi, Axel Magalon, Bruno Guigliarelli, Valérie BELLE Sr.
P012 Structural analysis of intrinsically unstructured proteins using Raman optical activity
Christian Johannessen
P013 Structures and interactions in 'bottlebrush' Neurofilaments: the role of charged disordered proteins in forming hydrogel networks
Roy Beck-Barkai, Joanna Deek, M.C. Choi, Erwin Frey, Philp Pincus, Cyrus Safinya
P014 Intracellular protein aggregation: fitness and evolution
Natalia Sanchez de Groot, Madan Babu
P015 Role of some unfolded phosphoproteins in the control of biocalcification
Carl Holt, Sharon M Kelly, Christian Johannessen
P016 Contortion of the oncogenic protein LMO2 structure in vivo by a single VH domain antibody causes functional inhibition
Helen Sewell, Tomoyuki Tanaka, Kamel El Omari, Erika J Mancini, Abimael Cruz-Migoni, Terence Rabbitts
P017 The conformational flexibility of UreG, an intrinsically disordered GTPase enzyme
Barbara Zambelli, Nunilo Cremades, Paolo Neyroz, Paola Turano, Vladimir N Uversky, Stefano Ciurli
P018 Different views of protein structural flexibility: analysis and prediction approaches
Pierrick Craveur, Aurélie Bornot, Catherine Etchebest, Alexandre G de Brevern
P019 Amyloid-β peptide promotes bacterial aging
Anna Villar-Piqué, Natalia S. de Groot, Raimon Sabaté, Salvador Ventura
P020 Unraveling the structure-function relationship of two closely related intrinsically disordered Arabidopsis thaliana LEA proteins, COR15A and COR15B
Anja Thalhammer, Dirk K Hincha
P021 Structure and behaviour of intrinsically disordered proteins from Raman optical activity
Laurence D Barron
P022 Simulation of structural properties of Natively Unfolded and Denatured Proteins
Catherine Michaux, David Curcó, Guillaume Roussel, Emmanuel Tinti, Carlos Alemán, Eric A Perpète
P023 Dynamic disorder in a supramolecular complex involved in the Calvin cycle: a SDSL-EPR study
Elisabetta Mileo, Luisana Avilan, Brigitte Gontero, Régine Lebrun, Magali Lorenzi, Sylvain Merque, Paul Tordo, Bruno Guigliarelli, Valérie BELLE Sr.
P024 Using non-interacting molecules to probe conformational changes in intrinsically disordered proteins with surface plasmon resonance
Rafael L Schoch, Larisa E Kapinos, Roderick Y Lim
P025 Local protein conformations: from simple to complex description
Pierrick Craveur, Jean-Christophe Gelly, Joseph Rebehmed, Aurélie Bornot, Agnel Praveen Joseph, Catherine Etchebest, Alexandre G de Brevern
P026 The next step in protein folding: coupled folding and binding
Joseph Rogers, Annette Steward, Jane Clarke
P027 The membrane proximal region of the human prolactin receptor is intrinsically disordered and interacts with specific lipids characteristic of the inside of the cell membrane
Gitte W Haxholm, Charlotte O'Shea, Birthe B Kragelund
P028 Disorder in membrane proteins cytoplasmic domains
Gitte W Haxholm, Ruth Hendus-Altenburger, Stine F Pedersen, Vincent Goffin, Birthe B Kragelund
P029 Structural and functional analysis of intrinsically disordered proteins involved in Leukemia
Stephanie maneville, Patrick Barre, stephanie Bernard, Deborah Byrne, Xavier Morelli, Véronqiue Receveur-Bréchot
P030 #MS4IDP- mass spectrometry for the analysis of intrinsically disordered proteins
Rebecca Beveridge, Quentin Chappuis, Cait MacPhee, Perdita Barran
P031 The role of the extracellular chaperone clusterin in Alzheimer's disease
sharon hook, Priyanka Narayan, Janet Kumita, Sophie Jackson
P032 Zn2+-dependent binding of histidine-rich glycoprotein to heparin: implications for the development of obstructive blood clots
Omar Kassaar, Ulrich Schwarz-Linek, Alan J Stewart
P033 CHOP-dependent regulation of p21/waf1 underlines the transition from the pro-survival to the pro-apoptotic activity of ER stress response
Chrysovalantou G Michailidou, Athanasios G Papavassiliou, Hippokratis Kiaris
P034 Cooperation between intrinsically disordered chaperone alpha crystallin and small organic molecules in protection against protein aggregation and inactivation
Elena M GANEA, Ioana Popa, Ioana Goldner, Clara Negut, john Harding
P035 Protein-protein interactions in the biosynthesis of arabinogalactan protein
Christian P Poulsen, Alexander Schulz, Naomi Geshi
P036 In vivo fluorescence imaging of TDP-43 protein aggregation and mislocalisation
Janice S Ng, Teresa P Barros, Elin K Esbjörner, John Christodoulou, Christopher M Dobson, Leila M Luheshi
P037 Structural analysis of the intrinsically disordered choloroplast protein CP12, using NMR and SAXS
Patrick Barre, Stephanie maneville, Carine Puppo, Brigitte Gontero, Véronique Receveur-Bréchot
P039 Intrinsically disordered transcription factors control formation of plant defense compounds
Morten E Møldrup, Meike Burow, Barbara A Halkier
P040 Do regions of predicted disorder contribute to the function of an essential axonemal adenylate kinase?
Michael Ginger, Peter Collingridge, Eleanor Barnwell, Keith Gull
P041 Analysing association kinetics of IDPs
Sarah L Shammas, Joseph Rogers, Stephanie A Hill, Jane Clarke
P042 Autonomous and non-cell autonomous effects of UPR during carcinogenesis and chemotherapy
Eleni Farmaki, Souren Mkrtchian, Athanasios G Papavassiliou, Hippokratis Kiaris
P043 Insights into the dynamics and actin interaction of the intrinsically disordered Tarp protein from Chlamydia
James Tolchard, Lawrence A Eaglen, Leah Morris, Ted Hackstadt, Tharin M Blumenschein
P044 Intrinsic disorder in RNR inhibitors
Sebastian Broendum, Rasmus Vejrup-Hansen, Olaf Nielsen, Birthe B Kragelund
P045 Intrinsically disordered proteins as molecular shields
Sohini Chakrabortee, Yun Liu, Matthew Watson, Yizhi Zheng, Alan Tunnacliffe
P046 Disordered regions in cystatin B amyloid fibres
Peter J Davis
P047 Tissue-specific splicing of unstructured segments containing interaction motifs rewires protein interaction networks
Marija Buljan, Guilhem Chalancon, Gunter Wagner, Monika Fuxreiter, Alex Bateman, Madan Babu
P048 Molecular mechanism of RARγ -vinexin ß interaction and its modulation by serine phosphorylation
Marc A Delsuc, Marc Quinternet, Ismaïl Amal, Sébastien Lalevée, Matthieu Tanty, Christian Koehler, Cédric Grauffel, Annick Dejaegere, Roland H Stote, Cécile Rochette-Egly, Bruno Kieffer
P049 Marked variability in the extent of protein disorder within and between viral families
Ravindra Pushker, Norman E Davey, Jean-Marc Jacque I, Denis C Shields
P050 The paradox of conserved residues in an intrinsically disordered protein
Adrian Speakman, Nicole C Norris, Richard P Jones, Andrew P Leech, Jennifer R Potts
P051 Conformational study of a proline-rich peptide
Yasuko Kasuga, Jie-rong Huang, Martin Blackledge, Mike Williamson
P052 Laboratory evolution of an intrinsically disordered enzyme
Cindy Schulenburg, Donald Hilvert
P053 The interplay of catalytic efficiency and substrate promiscuity for intrinsically disordered Staphylococcal nuclease
Amanda Stouffer, Linda Bengtsson, Michael Sheremet, Donald Hilvert