Careers in science communication, medical writing and engagement

Working in science is not limited to conducting practical laboratory research. An important role in science is to promote public understanding of scientific issues, which has never been more important than now during this global pandemic. Communicating science in a clear, engaging way is important for politicians, businesses, and funders to be able to make informed decisions and to help understand the issues at hand. This latest webinar features a number of individuals who worked in this particular field. Each speaker will deliver a short presentation of ~10 minutes, followed by an opportunity for attendees to ask questions to the panel.

Our speakers are:

  • Stuart Rulten, Principal Medical Writer at Prime Global
    Stuart worked in the pharma industry for three years (he cloned the gene that codes for the target of Viagra). He then went into academia and worked as a research scientist for 19 years. After that, he became a medical writer, and now has a small team of ex-academics working on anti-cancer therapies. They assist with publications for one of the largest pharma companies in the world.
  • Dr Sorrel Bunting, Engagement Manager at the British Pharmacological Society
    Sorrel is currently the Engagement Manager at the British Pharmacological Society. Following her undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Imperial College London, she completed her PhD in cell signalling and cancer cell biology at King’s College London, graduating in 2016. Since then, Sorrel’s career has focused on engaging diverse audiences with science and health through roles in both membership organisations and the charity sector. Her current role at the British Pharmacological Society encompasses managing the Society’s public engagement portfolio, connecting and communicating with the global pharmacology research community, and bringing pharmacology to life for varied audiences around the world.
  • Dr Aimee Eckert, Senior Research Communications Officer at Breast Cancer Now
    Aimee is a cancer biologist by training, and undertook her PhD at the University of Sussex. During this time she spoke about biology to anyone who would listen – at pubs, schools, comedy nights, science festivals, and museums. She has been a Senior Research Communications Officer at Breast Cancer Now for two years, where she helps the Fundraising and PR teams to raise the profile of the charity’s research, and helps Breast Cancer Now fund researchers to communicate their work. She is usually found with her cat on her lap and a cup of tea in hand!

This webinar will be chaired by Dr Robbie Baldock, Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry at Solent University and member of the Biochemical Society’s Research Area Committee for Genes.

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Feb 04 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Biochemical Society


Biochemical Society
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