Redox Signalling in physiology, ageing and disease

A joint Biochemical Society and BSRA Scientific Conference

The goal of this meeting was to bring biochemists, cell and systems biologists investigating redox-signalling mechanisms in a variety of systems, together with those working on the biological mechanisms underlying ageing and age-associated diseases. As such this meeting provided an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of new approaches to the study of redox regulation, the mechanisms involved, and the role of redox dysregulation in health, ageing and disease.

Topics included:

  • Biological sources and metabolism of reactive oxygen species
  • Tools for measuring ROS, redox changes and elucidating redox-signalling mechanisms
  • Redox-regulated physiological processes and stress responses
  • Biochemistry of redox-signalling; thiol oxidation, redox-relays, redoxin systems and glutathione
  • The roles of ROS in ageing and disease


Jul 01 2019 - Jul 03 2019


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Copthorne Hotel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK


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