Salary: PhD stipend at Research Council rates
Contract type: 3-year PhD studentship for UK citizens only

This project aims to uncover demographic influences on age-related changes in muscle proteostasis by developing predictive in silico models from primary data collected from a large cohort of human participants. We will use novel, world-leading multidisciplinary approaches combining demographic, experimental cellular and biological data with computer simulations, to determine, manipulate and model healthy human ageing.

If you are the successful applicant, you will be responsible for recruiting a relevant demographic profile of active or sedentary men and women encompassing the adult human lifespan. You will receive training and subsequently collect data on anthropometric (height, weight, body composition) and physiological (walking speed and muscle strength) variables in addition to administering health questionnaires. You will assist in the collection of blood and muscle samples from select participants and you will be responsible for the subsequent molecular analyses, including culturing of muscle stem cells and proteomic analysis of stable isotope-labelled samples to study proteostasis. You will apply these data to generate predictive models in silico using machine learning and pattern recognition analyses to bring new insight to the determinants of healthy ageing.

Application deadline: 26th November 2021

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