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Future Events > Analysis of free radicals, radical modifications and redox signalling

Analysis of free radicals, radical modifications and redox signalling

18—19 April 2011

Aston University, Birmingham, UK

A Biochemical Society Focused Meeting


Meeting background

Redox signalling via reversible modifications of protein thiols and bioactivity of oxidized lipids are topical fields that underpin understanding of physiological and disease processes. This meeting will focus on state-of-the-art methodology for measuring cellular levels of free radicals and analysing biomolecule oxidation, including discussion of the applications and limitations.


In view of the growing importance of redox signalling in biochemistry and pathology, the development of robust methods for accurate determination of cellular levels of free radicals and oxidants, as well analysis of biomolecule oxidation, is critical in the field. This meeting will focus on state of the art methodology for these areas, and discuss the limitations and pitfalls therein.  The aims of the meeting are therefore to provide the participants with an enhanced understanding of (1) the best methods for measuring reactive oxygen species and nitrogen species, (2) modern approaches to detecting specific types of oxidative post-translational modifications, (3) methodology for analysis of lipid oxidation products with relevance to signalling. This focused meeting will be of prime importance to all researchers in the oxidative stress and redox signalling areas.



  • Free radicals
  • Reactive nitrogen species
  • Oxidative post-translational modifications
  • Redox signalling
  • Lipid oxidation products
  • Imaging
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Magnetic resonance techniques

Poster abstract deadline: 31 January 2011
Online abstract submission is now closed. If you wish to submit an abstract please contact the Conference Office. Late abstracts will not appear in the programme book.


Earlybird registration deadline: 18 March 2011
Registration is now closed, if you would like to attend this conference please contact the Conference Office.

Proceedings (invited speakers) will be published in Biochemical Society Transactions

A Biochemical Society Centenary Poster Prize was awarded to Marrit Putker at University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands for her poster entitled "Multiple redox-sensitive protein interactions control FoxO transcription factor activity". 


The BJ Energy Oral Communication prize was awarded to James Turner at University of Birmingham, UK for his talk entitled "Assessment of oxidative stress in lymphocytes following exercise".