Past Webinars


Metabolic consequences of molecular signalling in muscle during and after exercise

Plants and climate change: The role of plants in achieving net zero

Developments in Glycobiology

Nov/Dec 2021

The importance of essential fatty acids and their derivatives

Mapping development and regeneration in vivo and in vitro

Environmental Sustainability in Biomedical Laboratories

Biochemistry: one molecule at a time

From PhD to CEO - Becoming an Innovation Leader

Sept/Oct 2021

scRNA seq: challenges and opportunities

Tackling SARS-CoV-2 Biochemistry

Genome editing: potential contribution to sustainable agriculture

Mitochondria Collective

June/July 2021

Visualise translation of bacteria and viruses at single nucleotide resolution

Raising your professional profile

Developments in drug discovery

An experimental map of the degradable kinome

The 2020 Morton Lecture

April/May 2021

Covid-directed evolution of molecular bioscience teaching: let’s analyse the mutations together

Computational biology and

Seeing DNA repair and mutagenesis in bacteria

February/March 2021

Amphiphilic polymers for membrane proteins

Novel advances in signalling: next generation approaches

Careers in science comms, medical writing and engagement

January 2021

Obesity: from genes to biochemistry of a global pandemic

Developments in neuroscience

December 2020

Industry careers for molecular bioscientists

The sociology of the anti-vaccine movement

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