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Each year the Biochemical Society makes a series of prestigious awards that recognize excellence and achievement in both specific and general fields of science. All our award prize and medal lectureships carry prize money and all award winners will be invited to submit an article to a Society-owned publication. 

Seven awards are presented annually and the rest either biennially or triennially. Nominations that reflect the diversity of the bioscience community are encouraged and can be submitted by and for both members and non-members.

Made every 3 years in recognition of outstanding work which, through biomedical advances, leads to development of a new reagent or method. The research should have been carried out in a UK or Republic of Ireland laboratory.

The Centenary Award is awarded annually to a biochemist of distinction from any part of the world.

The Colworth Medal is a prestigious annual award for outstanding research by a biochemist of any nationality who has carried out the majority of their work in the UK or Republic of Ireland. 

These Biochemical Society awards recognize the impact of research carried out in the molecular biosciences by early career scientists i.e. those who have no more than six years postdoctoral research experience.

The GlaxoSmithKline Award is given every 2 years in recognition of research leading to new advances in medical science and is made in respect of research carried out in the UK or the Republic of Ireland during the 7 years preceding the date of nomination.

This award recognizes an outstanding individual who has made an inspirational contribution to the biosciences and to industry–academia interactions. This award is presented annually to recognize the achievements of an early to mid-career scientist who is within 20 years of PhD completion.

Presented annually and recognises outstanding independent research that illustrates the importance of the molecular biosciences in the advancement of life sciences research conducted outside of the UK.

The lecturer and subject of the lecture are selected every 2 years, by the Awards Committee, from a field related to the interests of Keilin in bioenergetics, electron transfer and mitochondrial biology.

The winners of the award lectureship demonstrate they have made an outstanding contribution to lipid biochemistry. The opportunity to present a lecture is awarded every 2 years.

The Excellence in Science Award (sponsored by Portland Press), is presented annually in recognition of contributions to the development of any branch of the molecular biosciences. The award is for work carried out in the UK or Republic of Ireland and is open to candidates of any nationality. 

The Teaching Excellence Award is given annually to an employee in Higher Education. The award recognises individual excellence, commitment to continuing professional development and a commitment to students and colleagues

Awards not open for nomination

Awarded every 2 years in recognition of excellence of a specific field of endeavour within, or related to, the biochemical sciences.

The Sir Philip Randle lectureship is awarded biennially to a scientist from any part of the world.  The awardee is selected on the basis of their contribution to the understanding of mammalian metabolism.

The Heatley Medal and Prize is awarded for exceptional work in applying advances in biochemistry and is awarded triennially.

The Thudichum Medal honours eminent scientists who have made outstanding contributions to neuroscience and related subjects.