Early Career Bioscientists

Our Early Career Network

Our Early Career Network is made up of members who are interested in informing the work we do.

They work closely with the Early Career Advisory Panel, who call on them for input on topics of relevance to early career bioscientists, providing a wider spectrum of views and informing their decision making in this sphere.

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We welcome new joiners to our Early Career Network at any time, including:
  • Early Career Members
  • Members who are PhD students, who will soon become early career bioscientists
  • Members who are mid-career bioscientists, who wish to use their experience to champion interests of the next generation of early career bioscientists
Topics the Early Career Network are consulted on include, for example:
  • Webinars, training events and scientific meetings
  • Careers resources and information
  • Membership benefits for early career bioscientists
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion


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In return

Participating in the Early Career Network can be a meaningful way to help shape the future of our discipline, and the trajectory of your own career and those of future generations. 

Members of the Early Career Network receive regular updates on opportunities from the Society and its partners to support their career development. Engaged members of the Early Career Network may also be given chances to become further involved in the Society’s varied programmes of activity.


Join the Early Career Network

Email us with your name and membership number to join.

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