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The central role of science in tackling society's biggest challenges has never been clearer, as global issues such as climate change, lifelong health, disease, and food security become ever more pressing concerns.

Having worked to advance molecular bioscience for over 100 years, we believe the open exchange of ideas represents the fundamental basis of scientific progress, which is why our activities are geared towards facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange in increasingly interconnected and multidisciplinary ways.

Find out more about our support of open science, as outlined in our Open Science position statement, and how we continue to embed open approaches across our activities for the benefit of all.


We support sustainable open access that maximizes the availability and accessibility of research, while maintaining ethical and technical standards to ensure the highest quality for researchers, institutions and funders around the world.


The widest possible engagement with science and participation across all sections of society is fundamental to the principles of open science. We help students and researchers communicate their work and promote public engagement with the molecular biosciences, wherever they are in the world.


The advancement of molecular bioscience necessitates a diverse and representative space where everyone feels welcome and empowered to contribute. We continue to focus on cultivating a sense of belonging that affords opportunity to all, embedding EDI principles across our work.

Hear from President of the Biochemical Society

Our support for sustainable open access means we've pledged to provide funder and institutionally compliant open access routes for all articles published in our journals by February 2025. Our President, Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow, discusses how transitioning to open access publishing is helping us support the molecular bioscience community.

Open Science position statement

We've been facilitating the sharing of knowledge from across the molecular biosciences for 100 years and our Open Science position statement sets out the key principles underpinning our support of open practices, placing equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of our agenda. 

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