How to nominate

Do you know of an outstanding molecular bioscientist who deserves recognition?

In response to the Awards Review carried out earlier this year, we’re pleased to introduce a new two-stage nomination process. 

Consolidating feedback from our community, our new process seeks to simplify the nomination cycle, ensuring the outstanding achievements and diversity of the molecular bioscience community is fully represented.

  • Stage 1: initial nominations are submitted via an online form by 1 November 2022 
  • Stage 2: full nominations are submitted for shortlisted candidates by 31 January 2023 

Please read the following information carefully to ensure all requirements are met when nominating. 

Did you know?

  • Nominations can be made by and for anyone (you don’t have to be a Biochemical Society member) 
  • Self-nomination is not permitted 
  • Support letters are not required unless your nominee is shortlisted 
  • Feedback will now be given to all non-shortlisted nominations 
  • Nominations are submitted via SurveyMonkey Apply 

If you have any questions about the nomination process or eligibility of your nominee, please contact our Awards Department. 

  • Initial nomination deadline - 1 November 2022
  • Shortlisted nominators contacted - December 2022
  • Full nomination deadline - 31 January 2023
  • Winners announced - April 2023

To submit an initial nomination for the Biochemical Society Awards, nominators must complete and submit the nomination form via SurveyMonkey Apply. Each nomination form is tailored to the specific criteria for each award, and no further information about the nominee will be submitted to the Awards Committee at this point. The deadline for initial nominations is 1 November 2022

Please ensure you read the specific Award criteria and judging aspects before submitting an initial nomination. Information can be found on the individual award pages.

The Awards Committee will review each nomination form and compile a shortlist for each Award category. Shortlisted nominators will then be contacted in December 2022 and invited to submit a full nomination by 31 January 2023. Failure to submit a full nomination will result in your nomination being withdrawn.  

Non-shortlisted nominations will now receive feedback to support them in future nominations. 

Shortlisted nominations will then be required to submit additional information from both the nominator and nominee to help boost the nomination during the final discussions. Additional information may include: two letters of support from people who are best placed to judge the impact of the nominee’s work, a CV, ORCID no, etc. The deadline for full nominations is 31 January 2023

Support letters: 

These support letters are your opportunity to highlight any information not mentioned in the initial nomination, or other indicators of esteem that demonstrate how your candidate fulfils the criteria of the award. Both letters of support should be written on institution/company headed paper and should summarize the candidate’s achievements while clearly describing the context in which these meet the particular award criteria. The letters should not be longer than two pages of A4 and should be submitted by individuals best placed to judge the impact of the nominee’s work. The full criteria and judging aspects can be found on the individual award pages. 

The Biochemical Society Award winners will be announced in April 2023, with all nominees and nominators contacted beforehand to organize related marketing and promotional opportunities. 

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