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World Alzheimer's Day

News, Sep 21 2023

In recognition of World Alzheimer's Day on 21 September and World Alzheimer’s Month in September, we’re pleased to bring together relevant content from our journal Neuronal Signaling.


Dr Thomas Cunningham, an MRC Investigator developing mouse models for neurodegeneration research and Associate Editor of Neuronal Signaling, highlights the importance for continued, multidisciplinary research into this area:

“Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias are growing in prevalence in aging populations globally, and represent one of the most challenging health issues of our time. These currently incurable diseases are highly complex, involving multiple cell types of the brain, affecting multiple brain functions, and influenced by a swathe of underlying genetic factors. Despite intensive research and substantial gains in knowledge into this area over recent years, we must strive for deeper understanding, using all available tools at our disposal. From clinical research and human genetics, to in vivo and cellular models, to structural studies at near-atomic resolution, we can build upon and compliment emerging amyloid targeting treatments, and offer hope to the millions affected.”


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