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World Mitochondrial Disease Week

News, Sep 18 2023

In recognition of World Mitochondrial Disease Week on 18-24 September, we're pleased to bring together relevant content from across our journals. 


Professor Michael Duchen, Associate Editor of the Biochemical Journal, University College London, has highlighted the importance of this field and the Society's commitment to advancing this vital research area.


"Mitochondrial biology has totally transformed, as key roles of mitochondria have emerged in almost all aspects of cell health. Studies of mitochondrial biology have continuously delivered surprises - from the revelations of the chemiosmotic mechanism of ATP synthesis and of pathways regulating cell death, we are still learning about the importance of altered metabolism in cancer, the role of mtDNA as a trigger to innate inflammation and the critical roles of mitochondrial quality control pathways in health. All these developments have exciting implications in understanding the mechanisms of disease, including major neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, while illuminating pathways that could be targeted to combat major intractable disease.

World Mitochondria Disease Week highlights the centrality of mitochondria to health, healthy ageing and the role(s) of mitochondrial dysfunction in disease and invites us to think about those who suffer the consequences of disordered mitochondrial function. The Biochemical Society is committed to contributing to these advances, especially through its journals, and with streamlined and supportive editorial policies, the publication of mitochondrial research is a priority of the Biochemical Journal. With these thoughts, we wish to highlight World Mitochondria Disease Week and offer support to the patient community and to those working to advance the field.”


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