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Top 10 trending articles from Biochemical Society publications

News, Apr 17 2023

Each quarter, we’re sharing a fully interactive report from Altmetric Explorer to showcase the top 10 trending articles from across our publications, as ranked by Altmetric Attention Score.

Altmetric compiles metrics and qualitative data to complement traditional, citation-based metrics. Sourced from across the web, altmetrics indicate how often articles are discussed and used around the world.

Our journals integrate Altmetric data, so publishing with us enables authors to see first-hand the attention their work is gaining from across the community. Captured in the form of the Altmetric donut, Attention Scores indicate citations on Wikipedia, mainstream media coverage, mentions on social networks, discussions on research blogs, and many other online sources.

Showcasing top trending articles from the past three months (January–March 2023), this edition includes work on mass spectrometry, Parkinson’s disease, mechanobiology and mechanotherapeutics, cell death, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Top 10 trending articles


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Please note the information above captures articles published within the designated time period and is correct at the time of publishing; however, the full report captures live data and is therefore subject to change as articles continue to be discussed and gain attention online.