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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The Biochemical Society is committed to placing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) considerations at the heart of all our activities.

We continue to embed strong EDI principles as we move forward through our next strategic period, supporting a more accessible community with diverse identities at all levels. 

Our approach is guided by the Society's Manifesto for Change, which was launched in 2021. This set out our commitments to creating awareness, taking action and holding ourselves accountable in this space. EDI activities are driven by the Society's EDI Advisory Panel, which feeds into all strategic and operational discussions across our organisation.

We will ensure our community has an appreciation of EDI and knows what EDI means to us.

We will create processes, procedures and tools to implement “EDI best practices” into the success and growth of the society and its members.

We will regularly review and update the organisation’s work to ensure transparency and demonstrate how plans are being put into action.

EDI Toolkit

Our EDI Toolkit provides and signposts a range of EDI-related content, to be used as a non-exhaustive resource by our community.  

The advancement of the molecular biosciences necessitates a diverse and representative space where everyone feels welcome. Together with our community, we will continue to focus on cultivating a sense of belonging that affords opportunity to all.

Headshot of Professor Sheila Graham
Professor Sheila Graham

Biochemical Society Chair

Related grants

We're committed to nurturing a representative scientific community, supporting all our members in the continuation of their professional development. Find out more about our grant schemes specifically designed to promote engagement and inclusion across the breadth of the molecular biosciences. 

Awareness Initiatives

Throughout the year there are a number of awareness events to recognise and celebrate diverse identities. We have highlighted some of these dates and provided links to related content from across the Society.

Contact us

Our EDI Advisory Panel works to support a diverse and representative community, helping to ensure our activities are open, transparent, and available to all. Find out more about the panel and get in touch with our EDI team if you have any questions.

Meet the panel
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