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Towards equity, diversity and inclusion in the molecular biosciences

News, Dec 13 2023

Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is imperative to our charitable mission of supporting the molecular biosciences and remains integral to our organisational strategy. We are therefore pleased to share our updated position statement on EDI: Towards equity, diversity and inclusion in the molecular biosciences.

Developed collaboratively between our EDI Advisory Panel and Policy Advisory Panel, the statement outlines our activities and ambitions in the EDI space in alignment with our Manifesto for Change, the principles which guide our approach. Our statement also acknowledges the work still to do to achieve the goal of an equitable, diverse, and inclusive bioscience sector, and the responsibility the Society has to advance this agenda as a champion of our discipline.

"I am delighted to share this updated organisational position on EDI with the membership and community. This statement brings together the Society’s EDI activity and ambitions, sending a clear message to the community about our progress towards a diverse, equitable and inclusive sector, and where we aim to be."

Dr Derry K Mercer, Chair and Honorary Policy Officer of the Policy Advisory Panel

"The Society remains wholly committed to placing equity, diversity and inclusion at the heart of all its activities, championing progress within the sector. This statement sets out our approach and our aspirations, as we continue to embed best practice to provide an inclusive and welcoming space that allows all our members to be their whole selves."

Dr Amanda Marie James, Chair of the EDI Advisory Panel


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