Minimalist Biology is a hands-on activity, combining art and science, designed to engage individuals with synthetic biology.

Minimalist Biology asks participants to create a bespoke bacterium to carry out a chosen function, introducing them to synthetic biology and what it allows scientists to do. 

Bringing together knowledge from biochemistry and biology, chemistry and physics, engineering and computer science, synthetic biology aims to redesign – or ultimately create – biological entities and their inner workings, opening the door to new technologies and applications.

Minimalist Biology provides an introduction to synthetic biology, while fostering a conversation on this new field and its potential applications and impacts on society.

Minimalist Biology is aimed at young participants, due to its colourful and creative nature, but the themes can be used to engage people of any age and be adapted to different participants.

Download the resources you need for the activity below.

Facilitator guide

Adult flyer

Child flyer



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