The Hungry Games

Resource, Oct 21 2022


The Hungry Games is a public engagement activity developed by the Biochemical Society, the Royal Society of Biology and the Nutrition Society, focusing on nutrition and food security.

The Hungry Games discusses the importance of a nutrient-rich diet and highlights several nutrient-rich food sources.

The Top Trumps style card game allows participants to learn about different foods and their nutrient content, as well as the environmental impact of the foods. The activity works with a variety of age groups, but we have found that children aged 10 - 14 years particularly enjoy this activity. 

The "What's on your plate?" activity works well after participants have played the card game, and gives the participants the opportunity to decorate a plate with different foods and discuss which nutrients are found in them. This activity works well with a very young audience.

Download all the materials to run the activity below.

Facilitator guide

Nutrients factsheet

Food outlines

Top Trumps cards

Additional information and resources