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AlphaFold 2 structure modelling: access, uses and limitations

Video, Oct 12 2022

Biochemistry Focus webinar series

70 mins

In this webinar we heard from Professor Dan Rigden from the Department of Biochemistry and Systems Biology, University of Liverpool.

AlphaFold 2 (AF2) is a deep learning network that enables protein structure prediction of unprecedented accuracy. AF2 models can substitute for experimental structures in, for example, the planning of lab experiments and interpretation of the results in a structural context. While AF2 has clearly transformed protein structural bioinformatics, it is important to remember that not every model is high quality and limitations in relation to multi-domain proteins and protein dynamics remain. In this webinar, Professor Rigden discussed access, uses, and limitations of AlphaFold 2.

This webinar was chaired by Dr Qian Wu, University of Leeds, UK and member of the Biochemical Society's Research Area V: Signalling.

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