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Biochemistry: one molecule at a time

Video, Nov 10 2021

Biochemistry Focus Webinar Series

60 minutes

In this webinar, we welcomed three authors from the Essays in Biochemistry special issue who provided a sampling of current experimentation using single-molecule techniques and the application of these methods to a range of biochemical problems.

This webinar was linked to a special issue published in Essays in Biochemistry. Biological processes are orchestrated by complex networks of molecules. Conventional approaches for studying the action of biomolecules operate on a population level, averaging out any inhomogeneities within the ensemble. Investigating one biological macromolecule at a time allows researchers to directly probe individual behaviours, and thus characterise the intrinsic molecular heterogeneity of the system. Single-molecule methods have unravelled unexpected modes of action for many seemingly well-characterised biomolecules and often proved instrumental in understanding the intricate mechanistic basis of biological processes.

Invited speakers:

  • George Cameron, Francis Crick Institute London, UK
  • Dr Sonja Schmid, Wageningen University, Netherlands
  • Dr Pétur Heidarsson, University of Iceland

This webinar was chaired by Dr Dominika Gruszka, Guest Editor of this special issue.

This webinar was sponsored by PicoQuant.

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