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Computer-Aided Drug Design: Types, Uses and Opportunities

Video, Feb 22 2024

Biochemistry Focus webinar series

60 mins

Computer-aided drug design (CADD) includes finding, developing and analysing medicines and related biological active compounds by computer methodologies.

The use of CADD methodologies can speed up the early stages of chemical development and have quickly become indispensable tools in modern drug discovery and development. Utilising virtual screening, virtual library design, lead optimisation, de novo design and other computational approaches throughout the drug design process has resulted in the discovery and/or optimisation of several life changing drugs targeting high blood pressure, hypertension, HIV, and influenza A and B.

Invited speakers:

  • Dr Abdulilah Ece, Biruni University
  • Dr Lampros Milanos, Charles River Laboratories

This webinar was chaired by Dr Irina Tikhonova, Queen's University Belfast.