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CRISPR gene editing in the Xenopus model system

Video, Feb 21 2023

Biochemistry Focus webinar series

60 mins

In this webinar, we heard from Dr Annie Godwin from the University of Portsmouth, who discussed the range of approaches used by the European Xenopus Resource Centre to create transgenic frog lines.

CRISPR is a powerful and widely used tool, however there are subtle variations in approaches depending on the target organism and purpose. The European Xenopus Resource Centre (EXRC) provides tools and services to support researchers using Xenopus models. The EXRC depends on researchers to obtain and deposit Xenopus transgenic and mutant lines, Xenopus in-situ hybridization clones, Xenopus specific antibodies and other resources with the centre.

This webinar was chaired by Dr Garry Scarlett, Associate Head at the University of Portsmouth, UK and member of the Biochemical Society's Research Area I: Genes.

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