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Developments in the Immune System and Immunotherapies

Video, Jan 26 2023

Biochemistry Focus webinar series

60 mins

Part of our dedicated Biochemistry Focus ECR webinar series, this session gave three ECR members of the Society the opportunity to present their latest developments in the immune system and immunotherapies.

Invited Speakers:

  • Anna Bajur – ‘Modifying interaction between the actin cytocortex and plasma membrane shapes B cell activation, a new role of CD20’
  • Daniel Goncalves-Carneiro – 'Delineation of optimal RNA targets for zinc finger antiviral protein enables conditionally attenuated virus design'
  • Gaelle Hogrel – 'How can a superhelical structure be a cell killer? The case of a bacterial TIR immune effector'

This webinar was chaired by Dr Richard Porter, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin and member of the Biochemical Society's Research Area III - Energy and Metabolism.