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Metabolic consequences of molecular signalling in muscle during and after exercise

Video, Mar 17 2022

Biochemistry Focus Webinar Series

60 minutes

During this webinar, we heard from the 2021 Sir Philip Randle Lecture winner Professor Erik A. Richter from the University of Copenhagen.

Different modes of exercise induce different but overlapping neuro-endocrine secretion as well as different molecular signalling in muscle. Current knowledge of this molecular signalling in skeletal muscle during exercise has exploded due to various novel proteomic techniques. Much of this signalling has no known function and therefore remains a challenge to figure out the functional consequences of this myriad of signalling. During his Award lecture, Professor Richter discussed these different aspects of exercise.

This webinar was chaired by Dr Sara Anjomani-Virmouni, Brunel University London and member of the Biochemical Society's Research Area III - Energy and Metabolism.