CREST Awards

CREST awards are student-led projects that immerse students in real research. CREST projects aim to inspire young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers.

There are six levels of CREST awards, generally based on the age of the student. CREST projects can be used in schools or informal learning environments.

CREST Gold Awards are aimed at students who are 16+ and will take a minimum of 70 hours work and are required to meet a set of criteria. The CREST Gold Awards are recognised by universities and employers and can help enhance UCAS personal statements.

Our CREST Gold Awards packs include background information and examples of biochemical issues affecting the real world. They provide examples of lab-based practicals and computer-based research projects to help guide students in planning, designing and carrying out their own investigations.

Our project guides cover biochemical solutions to antibiotic resistance, saving the world with enzymes and feeding the world with biochemistry.

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