Akhilesh Reddy
University of Cambridge, UK
Colworth Medal… Read Rethinking the clockwork: redox cycles and non-transcriptional control of circadian rhythms.

Ron Hay
University of Dundee, UK
Novartis Medal and Prize… Read Decoding the SUMO signal.

Professor Sir John Walker
Medical Research Council Mitochondrial Biology Unit, UK
Keilin Memorial Lecture… Read The ATP synthase: the understood, the uncertain and the unknown.

Kai Simons
Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Germany
Morton Lecture

David Baker
University of Washington, USA
Centenary Award… Read Protein folding, structure prediction and design.

Andrew Jackson
MRC Edinburgh, UK
GlaxoSmithKline Award… Read Ribonuclease H2 in health and disease.

Tracey Gloster
University of St. Andrews, UK
Early Career Research Award Theme Panel II Molecular Structure and Function… Read Development of inhibitors as research tools for carbohydrate-processing enzymes.

Sovan Sarkar
Whitehead Institute, MIT, USA
Early Career Research Award, Theme Panel IV Cell Biology… Read Regulation of autophagy by mTOR-dependent and mTOR-independent pathways.

Sander van Kasteren
Netherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands
Early Career Research Award, Theme Panel VI Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
Photograph by permission of NKI-AVL… Read Synthesis of post-translationally modified proteins.

Vidya Chandran
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
Early Career Research Award, Theme Panel VII Mechanisms of Development & Disease… Read Type IV secretion machinery: molecular architecture and function.