Summer Vacation Studentships

Programming skills studentship

Part of the Biochemical Society's Summer Vacation Studentship scheme, our programming skills studentship is centred on skills development, equipping students with analytical and computational tools useful for their career progression and graduate school applications.


Applications for 2023 have now closed.

The studentship includes:

  • Free access to two online, self-led programming courses: 'R for Biochemists 101' and 'Practical Python for beginners: a Biochemist’s guide', with support from course moderators.
  • Access to a bespoke webinar programme focusing on transferable skills, employability, and careers.

Students will have access to the online courses for 8 weeks from the start of each course, which can be completed in their own time. The courses will be moderated for 4 weeks from the start of each course during July and August 2023.

The studentship will take place entirely online.

Following completion of both courses and a post-studentship report, students will be awarded a one-year undergraduate membership of the Biochemical Society. Read more about the benefits of Society membership here, which include discounted registration fees for training courses and events, such as 'R for Biochemists 201'.

Students will apply for the programming skills studentship online and will need to explain why they are applying for this studentship, specifically.

Following the review process, the student will be informed of the outcome of their application.

Students are encouraged to keep track of any skills they have developed over the course of the studentship, both technical and transferable, and any impact the project has had on their potential future career.

They are encouraged to engage with other students in their cohort and the course moderators during the studentship.

We also encourage them to develop their own blogs about their studentship, and to update the Society on their studentship using social media by tagging us @BiochemSoc.

It is a condition of the award that the student subsequently submits a report of their studentship, which can be uploaded onto our website.

This will involve reflecting on the student's experience with the programming skills studentship and what they feel they have gained from the programme.

The questions and prompts below can be used to help structure the report.

  • What skills have been developed throughout the scheme? (Both technical and transferable.)
  • Discuss the skills and link them to personal development and future career.
  • How has the scheme contributed to your career progression, overall career goal or future plans? (Be specific.)

The report should be no longer than a one A4 page.

Examples of reports by previous students can be found here

  • The studentships are for undergraduate students in biochemistry, molecular bioscience and related subjects.

  • Students take up the award during one of the middle summer(s) of their undergraduate degree.

    • For example, students carrying out a three year undergraduate course are eligible in their second year of study. Students carrying out a four year course are eligible in their second or third years of study.

  • The programming skills studentship is open to overseas students and mature students, and can be carried out in the UK or overseas. 

  • Students do not need to be members of the Biochemical Society to apply. 

  • Students can apply for up to two Biochemical Society studentships in 2023. If both applications are successful, you will only be awarded one studentship and you will be asked to indicate a preference during the application process.

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For further information on the studentships, please get in touch with the Education department.

For further information on funding, please get in touch with the Grants department.

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