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Applying lessons learnt from a pandemic educational environment

Video, Sep 21 2022

Biochemistry Focus webinar series

60 mins

At this webinar we heard from the 2022 Teaching Excellence Award winner, Dr Dave Lewis, University of Leeds, UK.

Dave Lewis is a Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology and Bioethics where he creates and delivers innovative educational activities designed to promote learner personal and professional development, and prepare them for the diversity of careers they go onto. He created a sector-leading portfolio of capstone projects for his students, and led the implementation of capstone projects as alternatives to traditional final or Honours year research projects across the UK Biosciences. During his award lecture, Dave discussed how to apply lessons learnt from a pandemic educational environment and how to create inspirational educational experiences which better prepare learners for the 21st century workplace.

This webinar was chaired by Dr Helen Watson, Associate Professor of Bioscience at University of Plymouth and Chair of the Biochemical Society's Education Committee.

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