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Biomolecular science research projects with limited lab time (I)

Video, Aug 24 2020

Biochemistry Focus Webinar Series

60 minutes

How to deliver biomolecular science honours research projects with limited lab bench time - Part I

Due to social distancing, shielding and travel restrictions, lab time and bench space was limited for many final year biomolecular science undergraduates in the 2020/2021 academic year. To meet the aims and learning objectives of final year honours research projects under these conditions, projects required adaptation. In this two-part webinar series, we heard from supervisors and students who led or undertook non-traditional projects with limited lab time. In Part I, our speakers shared their experience of purely computational projects, including molecular modelling, cheminformatics/QSAR, virtual screening and molecular dynamics.

Invited Speakers:

  • Dr Douglas Houston, Senior Lecturer in Computational Biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh
  • Vincent Blay Roger, University of Edinburgh

This webinar was chaired by Professor Luciane Vieira de Mello, University of Liverpool and Chair of the Biochemical Society's Training Theme Panel.

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