Hands-on activities provide a fun, memorable learning experience

There are many ways to engage people with science. Hands-on activities provide a fun, memorable learning experience and work well for children and adults of all ages. Here you can find links to activities from our Scientific Outreach Grants, Activities Library and tips to plan your own hands-on activity. 

Minimalist Biology

Minimalist Biology is a hands-on Art & Science activity designed to engage individuals with synthetic biology, its bases and applications, while fostering a conversation on this new field and its potential impacts on society.

Past outreach events reports

A selection of reports from activities funded by the Biochemical Society Scientific Outreach Grants.

Full Beam

This booklet provides an introduction to how light is used to investigate things too small to be seen by the naked eye. It also includes a fun exercise you can try at home to make your own fluorescent tagged cells using ultraviolet light.

Science Writing

Writing is a great way to communicate with your audience. Here we have a collection of winning Science Communication Competition articles, fact sheets and tips on how to successfully communicate with scientific writing.

Scientific Outreach Grants

Each year the Biochemical Society awards Scientific Outreach Grants to those wanting to communicate the excitement of the biomolecular sciences.


An interactive activity that explores new genome editing technologies, in particular the possible applications and ethical issues these technologies provide.

Ideas Cards

Looking for inspiration? Check out our ideas cards for example experiments and activities.

CREST Awards

Our CREST Gold Awards packs include background information and examples of biochemical issues affecting the real world. They provide examples of lab-based practicals and computer-based research projects to help guide students in planning, designing and carrying out their own investigations.


With the British Pharmacological Society, we have produced a free outreach activity about drug-target interactions. For use in schools, at science festivals or other events.

21st Century BioChallenges kits

The Royal Society of Biology have developed hands-on activity kits, with funding from the Biochemical Society. The kits contain ten activities focussing on health and food security. Find out more.

Hungry Games

Download everything you need to run our our hands-on activity, The Hungry Games. This activity has been created in partnership with the Royal Society of Biology and the Nutrition Society.


Run your own public engagement activity

Want to run an activity but unsure about how to proceed? Contact our Education and Public Engagement team, who will be happy to help out.

Alternatively, the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement have great tips on how to plan a public engagement event.

Contact the Education and Public Engagement team, who will be happy to help out, or check out our public engagement resources