If you are searching for further inspiration and ideas for an outreach activity, then follow the links below for more ideas. They lead to resources developed by other scientific institutions detailing a variety of interesting and exciting biology-based outreach activities, and sites which provide kits packed with equipment ready for running more advanced activities.

Further outreach activity examples

Practical Biology – dozens of detailed lab practicals for schools split into groups depending on which aspect of biology they deal with and their difficulty levels.

Cambridge Hands On Science – a fun and engaging science roadshow run by student volunteers.

Promoting microbiology – from the Society of General Microbiology, it provides links on how to introduce a variety of different age groups to microbiology, and has workshop ideas for small children.

Science Bob – a list of easy science practicals for students to do at home or in the classroom.

Equipment providers

Bio-Rad laboratories clasroom kits – a range of biotechnology-oriented classroom kits for demonstrations containing pre-prepared materials.

Philip Harris Forensic Science kit – contains lots of equipment to run dozens of different forensic experiments from a single kit (£379.95)