The aim of the outreach grants is to increase participation in the molecular biosciences at school level and beyond through engagement activities.

By fulfilling our criteria, you can ensure that your outreach proposal is considered by the Biochemical Society. You can further improve your application by proving that your proposal is sustainable, repeatable, links several organisations and reaches those who do not normally participate in scientific outreach – check our Judge’s Tips page for more information on designing a fantastic outreach event.

Events might include:

  • Exciting activities for a science club
  • Inspiring workshops for students or teachers 
  • Engaging lectures from research scientists (including PhD students and post-doc’s). 

Funding contributions can be made towards teacher cover and transport costs. Provision of refreshments would be deemed a very low priority unless the cost is minimal.

Other sources of funding to supplement your Society outreach grant, and reach a bigger audience…

Find out how to create a fantastic outreach event and secure a Biochemical Society outreach grant.

Information about writing your report, evaluating your activity and applying for further funding.

Find a lending hand for your outreach event in your local area…