Awards Committee

16 members

Image of Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow
Society President / Chair of Council of Trustees
Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow
Image of Professor Michelle West
Honorary Meetings Secretary / University of Sussex
Professor Michelle West
Image of Dr Andrew Walsh
GSK Representative / GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Dr Andrew Walsh
Image of Dr David Mason
Colworth Medal Representative / Unilever
Dr David Mason
Image of Professor Maria O'Connell
Membership Representative / University of East Anglia
Professor Maria O'Connell
Image of Professor Michael Sternberg
Membership Representative / Imperial College London
Professor Michael Sternberg
Image of Professor Patrick Eyers
Morton Lecture Representative / University of Liverpool
Professor Patrick Eyers
Image of Professor Paul England
Sir Philip Randle Lecture Representative / Committee Member
Professor Paul England
Image of Professor Pete Cullen
Membership Representative / University of Bristol
Professor Pete Cullen
Image of Dr Rick Davies
AstraZeneca Representative / AstraZeneca
Dr Rick Davies