Young Scientist Forum and 46th FEBS Congress

The Biochemical Society has occasional funding opportunities to help our members attend conferences with our international partner Societies. 

Applications for International Sponsored Places
for 2022 have now closed.  

We are delighted to announce our successful 2021 applicants: 

I am so grateful and excited to have been selected for this year's FEBS funding by the Biochemical Society. I can't wait to attend the YSF and FEBS congress and hear and discuss all the amazing research being done by my peers. Meeting scientists outside of my PhD 'field of interest' is a huge opportunity for me to challenge the way I approach research and design experiments, and will be hugely beneficial towards my development as a scientist.”

Thanks Biochemical Society for offering me such an amazing chance to attend the 46th FEBS Congress and the Young Scientist Forum 2022! The FEBS Congress is an international platform for a significant number of outstanding scientists to exchange and present the newest developments in bioscience research. I believe having an opportunity to attend this congress will inspire me in my academic studies by expanding my scientific knowledge from a number of international, innovative research groups conducting world leading research, and help build future scientific relationships and networks to maximise the impact of my work. Meanwhile, YSF is another fantastic chance for seeking career opportunities by attending career-related presentations. In one word, it’s my honour to have this place and I am looking forward to attending the Congress next year!"

The Biochemical Society is sponsoring the registration costs of two of our outstanding Postgraduate or Early Career members to attend both the joint IUBMB-FEBS-PABMB Young Scientists’ Forum from 6-9 July 2022 and the IUBMB-FEBS-PABMB Congress from 9-14 July 2022.

The FEBS Congress and Young Scientists Forum gives you the opportunity to make connections with European colleagues and discuss your work with an international audience.  More information about the IUBMB-FEBS-PABMB Congress can be read here and more details regarding the IUBMB-FEBS-PABMB Young Scientists’ Forum can be seen here.

Read our blog from a past recipient to find out more. The grant provides two Biochemical Society members with:
  • Accommodation
  • Registration for both the 46th FEBS Congress and the Young Scientists’ Forum
  • Some meals and excursions
  • Up to £350 for travel costs

The theme for the Congress this year is The Biochemistry Global Summit”.

The following criteria are required in order to be eligible for a sponsored place:
  • Applicant must be a current Postgraduate member of the Biochemical Society or an Early Career member of the Biochemical Society within the first five years of completing their PhD.
  • Applicant must submit a supporting letter from their supervisor.
  • Applicant must provide a single abstract that will be submitted to the YSF and 46th FEBS Congress if their application is successful. Both events should be attended.
  • Successful applicants must submit a report and photographs of the Congress to the Biochemical Society no later than 30 days after returning from the Congress.
Please note that applying for an International Sponsored Place will not affect your eligibility to apply for a General Travel Grant within the same calendar year.

More information

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