General information about studentships

Please see below for the general information about the grants. If you cannot find what you are looking for, it might be useful to read our Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Supervisors must be members of the Biochemical Society upon applying.
  • Applications must be made in association with a named student. Once an award has been offered it cannot be transferred to another student.
  • The student applicant would ideally be an undergraduate studying a degree course in biochemistry or a related molecular life science subject.
  • The Society would consider accepting intercalating undergraduate medical students whose intercalated degree is in biochemistry or a related molecular life science subject.
  • Students take up the award during the summer vacation before their final year. Students carrying out a three year undergraduate course are eligible in their second year of study. Students carrying out four year course are eligible in their second or third years of study.
  • Post-docs are able to apply for sponsorship for a student, but a letter of support from their PI must be included in their application. 
  • When ​necessary, during ranking of applications, preference will be given to supervisors who have been members for at least 12 months prior to the closing date of the grants and student members of the Biochemical Society.  

Application content

  • The grant proposal submitted would be within the remit of the molecular biosciences, and must not form part of the student’s normal degree work.
  • Preference will be given to research projects with a clearly defined objective, achievable in the time available, and which give the student scope for thought and initiative.
  • Applications must contain information on the day to day level of support given to the student.

Support for student

  • Universities, institutions and companies are strongly encouraged to support the studentships by providing consumables and a support or mentoring mechanism for the student.
  • The host university, institution or company is responsible for providing adequate facilities, and for ensuring that all necessary requirements of regulatory authorities and ethical committee approvals are in place before the work begins and are maintained for the duration of the grant.

Applications and award funding

  • This studentship scheme is competitive and the assessment will be made primarily on the quality of the experience that will be given to the student and on the suitability of the named student. The biochemistry content of the research project will also be taken in to consideration.
  • Applications will be assessed by a Studentship Award Panel, appointed by the Biochemical Society, which will take advice where necessary from expert referees.
  • Grants are made to the institution to which the applicant belongs, not to the supervisor, on the understanding that it will administer the award.
  • The supervisor is responsible for the conduct of the research.

Once funding is awarded

It is a condition of the award that the student subsequently submits a report and a digital photo of themselves and also the supervisor that can be uploaded onto our website and online galleries (no more than 2 sides of A4) summarising:

 – The aims of the project
 – Description of work
 – Assessment of results and outcomes of studentship
 – Future directions in which the project could be taken
 – Departures from original proposal
 – Value of studentship to the student and to the lab
 – Photos of the student and supervisor with any others (or images) of relevant lab work or results.
Students are also encouraged to write a blog about their placement, and to regularly update the Society on their work using social media or via email. 

Students awarded grants will receive one years’ free student membership to the Biochemical Society upon submission of their final project report.
For more information on summer vacation studentships please email the Education Department.


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