Science Communication Prize

Science Communication Prize Past Winners

Each year, we look to identify and celebrate outstanding science communicators with an annual Science Communication Prize. We invite students to submit an entry which discusses a topic in the biosciences, aimed at the general public. Explore past winners of the prize below.

By entering this competition, I was able to help bridge complicated vaccinology concepts to the general public. This project not only allowed fun engagement with science communication, but also helped me refresh my epidemiology knowledge for my upcoming dissertation on eradicating infectious diseases.

Rosanna Culver, winner of the Science Communication Prize video category 2022
Rosanna Culver

Biomedical Sciences undergraduate student

Participating in this competition was a great opportunity to put my science communication skills to the test while writing about a topic that I find incredibly fascinating. I chose to write about predatory bacteria as I believe they’re both academically interesting due to their therapeutic potential, and conceptually intriguing due to their unique lifestyle.

3rd place in the science communication prize 2022, Iris Floria
Iris Floria

Microbiology undergraduate student

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