6 December 2018 ‘How to increase your policy impact as a research scientist’  with Steve Ormerod, Professor of Biosciences at Cardiff University

10 July 2018 ‘Degree Apprenticeships – impacts, challenges and future opportunities‘ with Ali Orr, Talent and Employability Consultant at the National Centre for Universities and Business.26 March 2018School Biology – a Future Curriculum’ with Michael Reiss, Professor of Science and Education at University College London Institute of Education.

12 March 2018 Enough of Experts? Reflections on academic-policy engagement‘ with Sarah Chaytor Director of Research Strategy and Policy at UCL.

8 February 2018 Making the most of the Industrial Strategy” with Naomi Weir, Deputy Director at the Campaign for Science and Engineering.


26 September 2017 “Engaging young people with science: a ‘science capital’ approach with Professor Louise Archer from UCL Institute of Education.

20 July 2017 “Unlocking teacher development with David Weston, Teacher Development Trust” with David Weston from the Teacher Development Trust.

24 May 2017 “The Nagoya Protocol on access and benefit sharing: Why is it relevant and how to comply”with Katie Beckett from the Access and Benefit Sharing team at Regulatory Delivery.

24 March 2017 “Industrial Strategy consultation”  Tom Gelderd, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

14 February 2017 What makes a good consultation response” Martin Smith, House of Commons Science and Technology Committee


17 November Brexit: what is happening inside Government?”  Oliver Ilott, Institute for Government

13 July 2016 Anthony McDonnell, AMR Review

10 June 2016 Steve Miller, Responsible Research Innovation, UCL

20 May 2016 Lenna Cumberbatch, Royal Society

18 April 2016  Ed Potton, House of Commons Library

22 March 2016 Ross Hudson, HEFCE

25 February 2016 Newton’s Apple: bridging the gap between scientists and lawmakers, Dr Stephen Benn, Parliamentary Affairs Director at the Royal Society of Biology and a Trustee of Newton’s Apple.


5 December 2015 Teaching: first resort or last resort?, Chris Waterman, commentator, writer, iconoclast.

5 October 2015 Big data approaches in drug discovery and personalised care, Dr Bissan Al-Lazikani, The Institute of Cancer Research.

8 September 2015 Running Plant Science and Energy Panels, Chris Peters, Scientific Liaison at Sense About Science.

In the past we have also had speakers from Government Office for Science, Science is Vital, Science Media Centre, CaSE, Parliament’s Outreach Service, Royal Society, Social Mobility Foundation and other organisations.