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Neuronal Signaling Early Career Editorial Advisory Panel

News, Mar 02 2023

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new Neuronal Signaling Early Career Editorial Advisory Panel.  

This opportunity will provide a platform for those interested in supporting Neuronal Signaling’s mission to provide an interdisciplinary home for neuroscience, covering all aspects of in vitro and in vivo signaling from cell to brain in health and disease. We are recruiting with a particular focus on early to mid-career researchers.

Neuronal Signaling is a peer-reviewed, open access, society-owned journal providing a home for research and reviews on molecular and cellular neuroscience.  

The recruitment of this new Early Career Editorial Advisory Panel is aimed at supporting the Editor-in-Chief, Clare Stanford, and a team of expert Associate Editors with engaging the neuroscience research community to facilitate this young journal’s growth and development. 

Key responsibilities and benefits of this position will include: 

  • Acting as an ambassador for the journal
  • Supporting the journal’s growth and development through suggesting suitable topics/authors for review articles, submitting your own work, and encouraging peers/colleagues to submit to the journal
  • Gaining valuable insights on the publishing lifecycle, journal management, and the Editorial Board’s role
  • Contributing to Editorial Board discussions on strategic developments for the journal
  • You may also be asked to act as a trusted peer reviewer for Neuronal Signaling (and other Biochemical Society journals) as needed, based on your experience and subject area expertise

To ensure representation across the neuroscience research community, we encourage applications that represent the full diversity of experience and expertise of those working across our discipline.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Editorial Office

Applications are now closed.