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Cellular behaviour in disease models

Video, Nov 23 2022

Biochemistry Focus Webinar Series

60 mins

Part of our dedicated Biochemistry Focus Early Career Researcher (ECR) series, this session featured three ECR members of the Society, who shared their work on cellular behaviour in disease models.

Invited Speakers:

  • Camilla Cerutti, European Institute of Oncology - '2D and 3D human vasculature models to study cancer cell adhesion and migration during metastasis formation'
  • Renato Gaspar, University of São Paulo - ‘Peri/epicellular (pec) protein disulphide isomerase A1 (PDI) regulates platelet-endothelium interaction in cells exposed to high glucose levels’
  • Ruth Walker, Newcastle University - ‘Developing high throughput screening MALDI-TOF MS cellular assays for drug discovery in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease’

This webinar was chaired by Krzysztof Wicher, VP / Head of Drug Discovery at Macomics and member of the Biochemical Society's Research Area I - Genes.