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Developments in drug discovery

Video, Jul 22 2021

Biochemistry Focus Webinar Series

60 minutes

Part of our dedicated Early Career Researcher (ECR) series, this session featured four ECRs who shared their current work in the field of drug discovery.

Invited speakers:

  • Louise Walport, Francis Crick Institute London & Imperial College London - 'Diverse binding to a single interface: De novo cyclic peptides as inhibitors of the BET bromodomains'
  • Nicolas Bery, Inserm/Université Paul Sabatier/CNRS & Cancer Research Centre of Toulouse (CRCT) - 'Discovery of a potent KRAS macromolecule degrader specifically targeting tumours with mutant KRAS'
  • Bethan Howells, AstraZeneca - 'DNA-Encoded Library Screening and its Applications in AstraZeneca'
  • Deepak Balaji Govindaraj, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - 'Ovarian Cancer for Precision Medicine'

This webinar was chaired by Professor Ian Collins, Head of Chemistry and lead of a medicinal chemistry team at The Institute of Cancer Research, and a key member of the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit.

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