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Disassembly of the replicative helicase in eukaryotic cells

Video, Jul 16 2020

Biochemistry Focus Webinar Series

60 minutes

In this webinar, we heard from the 2020 Early Career Research Award winner, Dr Sara Priego Moreno. During her Award Lecture, Sara explained the current knowledge of the mechanisms of CMG disassembly and their importance for the maintenance of genome integrity as well as emerging questions and future directions.

Dr Moreno's research has focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms that govern the poorly characterized termination stage of eukaryotic DNA replication. Using egg extracts from the African clawed frog Xenopus laevis to run in vitro DNA replication reactions, Sara was able to characterize for the first time the biochemistry underlying one of the most important events taking place during replication termination: Replisome disassembly upon replication forks convergence.

This webinar was chaired by Dr Martin Pool from the University of Manchester, and the Biochemical Society’s Local Ambassador Representative.

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