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Drug Repurposing: Opportunities to create patient impact through Translational Research

Video, Feb 24 2022

Biochemistry Focus Webinar Series

60 minutes

In this webinar we heard from Dr Clare Thibodeaux, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Cures Within Reach, a US-based nonprofit focused specifically on repurposing research, who shared specific examples and success stories from the work of Cures Within Reach.

Moving a repurposed therapy through the research pipeline, from basic research to preclinical studies to proof-of-concept clinical trials, still presents some challenges. This webinar focused on drug repurposing as a drug development strategy, providing insights on how preclinical repurposing research can lead to clinical repurposing trials. During her talk, Dr Thibodeaux presented an introduction to drug repurposing, and addressed topics such as how preclinical research can inform the design of clinical repurposing trials and how repurposing research can be funded.

This webinar was chaired by Dr Frank Wessely, Research Associate at Dementia Research Institute (Cardiff University), and a Programme Coordinator for our related ‘Drug repurposing II’ conference.

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