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Seeing DNA repair and mutagenesis in bacteria

Video, Apr 15 2021

Biochemistry Focus Webinar Series

60 minutes

DNA repair and mutagenesis are essential for the stability and plasticity of genomes in all organisms. In this webinar, Dr Stephan Uphoff from the University of Oxford, described the development of advanced fluorescence microscopy methods to observe protein function at the level of single molecules in individual bacterial cells.

With these advanced fluorescence microscopy methods, it is possible to directly watch the movement of DNA repair proteins as they search for and fix DNA lesions. Microscopy can also be used to visualise sites of nascent mutations, and decipher which molecular mechanisms act in the creation or prevention of mutations. Ultimately, these techniques provide direct insight into the processes that help bacteria survive and adapt to stress conditions such as antibiotic treatments.

The webinar was chaired by Professor Michelle West from the University of Sussex, and Chair of the Biochemical Society's Basic Biosciences Theme Panel.

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