Science Communication Prize: past winners

Past and latest winners of the prize including links to their winning submissions.

2021 Winners

Foundation/Undergraduate category:

1st  Prize – Faye Singleton (University of York) with a video on Exploring Paracetamol – Painkiller or Killer?!

2nd Prize – Meera Rajaretnam (Imperial College London) with a video on Flu, Seasonal Allergies or COVID-19? | Dealing With Hayfever Symptoms

3rd Prize
– Elena Torrell (Imperial College London) with a video on How much coffee is too much?

Postgraduate category:

1st Prize – Madeleine Ball (University of Cambridge) with a video on Sonic Hedgehog and the Brain

2nd Prize – Charlotte Roughton (Newcastle University) with a video on Clostridioides difficile: A diff-icult pathogen

3rd Prize – Anita Liu (University of Sheffield) with a video on The role of vault RNA in oral cancer-derived extracellular vesicles

2020 Winners

Secondary/A-level category

1st place – Clarissa Pereira, from Tiffin Girls’ School with a video on Blood Clotting
2nd place – Olga Kryl, Stamford High School, with a video on the Purpose of Sleep
3rd place – Sasha Scott, Tiffin School, with a video on What happens when you drink?

Higher Education category

1st place – Lauryn Deaville, St Anne’s College, Oxford University, with a video on What makes you tick?
2nd place – Victoria Bolton, University of Glasgow, with a video on Leishmania – The story of an ancient survivor
3rd place – Shakira Mahadeva, Oxford University, with a video on Switching genes on

2019 Winners

Written category

Video Category

First Prize: Emily Armstrong from University of Glasgow, with a video on plant biology and how Brexit is changing our food supply.
Second Prize: Louise McAteer from Trinity College Dubline, with a video on energy metabolism.
Third Prize: Amber Barton from University of Oxford, with a video on the pathogenesis of typhoid fever.

2017 Winners

Written category

First prize: Harry Potter From Womb to Tomb: Stress Across a Lifetime’
Second prize: Bryony Barnes Neisseria meningitidis – more tricks than a magician’
Third prize: Catherine Baker ‘Bacteria are out of this world! Could they help us clean up our act?’

Video Category

First prize: Alex Binks How to make a virus’
Second prize: Roshni Raju Gluten Free’
Third prize: Inés Dawson How do pregnancy tests work’

2016 Winners

Written category

1st prize: Donald Iain MacDonald “How to make a magnetically controlled mouse
2nd prize: Anwen Brown “Ground Control to Major Tim
3rd prize: Jessica Hardy “Cancer: a disease of bad luck or bad lifestyle?

Video Category

1st prize: Joe Tickle “Inflammation and Liver Disease”2nd prize: Xinyang
Hong “Toll-like Receptors
3rd prize: Johanna Laibe “In between the (beta) sheets

2015 Winners

Written category

Video Category

2014 Winners

1st prize: Laura Pritchard (University of Oxford) “The sweet life”
2nd prize: Maria Alfaradhi (University of Cambridge) “You are what your mother ate”
3rd prize: Ross Harper (University College London) “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”

2013 Winners

1st prize: Nicole Antonio (University of Bristol),  “Why eating c**p could save your life”
2nd prize: Stephane Vranckx (Universite Libre de Bruxelles),  “In the heavens as it is on Earth”
3rd prize: Tom Minshull (University of Sheffield)  “Epigenetics: The Bee’s Knees”

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