Writing your studentship report

On completing your studentship you must submit a written report, by email, to the Education Department


You should submit a Word document (no PDFs) of no more than two sides of A4 summarising:

  • The aims of your project
  • A description of the work carried out
  • An assessment of your results and the outcomes of the studentship
  • Future directions in which the project can be taken
  • Any departures from the original proposal

Please also include details of how the grant has contributed to or shaped your career aspirations.

Please also add a short paragraph highlighting the value of the studentship, both to yourself and to the lab. You may want your supervisor to write this.


If possible, please include photos of yourself with your supervisor, which will be used on our website, online gallery and future marketing for the grants. These really help to bring the lab experience to life and inspire future students to apply for the grant.

Please email photos in jpeg format.

Please note: Photos may be used in related articles in The Biochemist, on the Biochemical Society website alongside your report, for future marketing of the grant scheme and the Biochemical Society.

Free membership to the Biochemical Society

Once your report is submitted you are entitled to 1 year free student membership to the Biochemical Society, starting the January after your placement.

Please indicate if you wish to receive the free membership. If so, you will need to email full (permanent) contact details and an email address


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